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Async pythonic interface to BioMart.


apybiomart is a Python module which provides a simple asynchronous interface to Ensembl BioMart. Users can exploit the async interface to schedule multiple queries using all the commodities offered by Python’s asyncio library.

Depending on specific needs, apybiomart offers different entry points:

  • an asynchronous aquery() function, to schedule multiple queries in the same event loop;

  • a synchronous query() function, which can be used for exploratory queries, executed in real time;

  • a set of synchronous find_*() functions, which can be used to retrieve the list of available marts (find_marts()), datasets for a specific mart (find_datasets()), attributes (find_attributes()) and filters (find_filters()) for a specific dataset.

    • a set of related CLI commands also exists to allow exploration of these data from the command line; these are, respectively, apybiomart marts, apybiomart datasets, apybiomart attributes and apybiomart filters. Run apybiomart --help for further details.

Please refer to the Usage section of the documentation for further information.


apybiomart was originally born as a fork of the great pybiomart package.

I was working on a project that employed a series of async calls to several online resources, but I couldn’t manage to perform asynchronous calls to BioMart using that package, so I decided to modify it to better suit my needs. However, it gradually evolved into a very different thing: the original implementation was rewritten and the structure of the package changed a bit, in a way that I found most useful for my purpose.

This said, all the credits go to jrderuiter, which created the original pybiomart package.


apybiomart only supports Python 3, and can be installed using pip:

pip install apybiomart

Please refer to the Installation section of the documentation for further information.


This package was created with Cookiecutter and the cc-pypackage project template.

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